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Media Buying

Media Buying & Planning Service Agency in Dubai, Sharjah & Abu Dhabi

Media buying is the process of negotiation and placement of advertising in various media channels. In today’s economic situation, it is highly essential to stretch your advertising budget as far as possible and generate optimum value from your advertising investment. So, the ideal means to ensure you are optimising the outcomes from your media plan is to seek the support of an agency that specializes in media buying.

At Aimteck, our process of media buying involves two key elements. The first element is negotiating low rates.  But, accessing low rates is not the only way to generate maximum value from your advertising, so our team of media buyers are aggressive in negotiating value added programs and media promotions at reasonable cost that will help enhancing the performance of your advertising. Next, through aggressive auditing and post-buy analysis, Aimteck work to ensure the maximum efficiency of each media buy and offer exhaustive follow-through, well after the advertising has run. The sole objective of our media buying services is to deliver media plans that make the investment made by our clients really worth.

Our media buying expertise

Being one of the reputed Media Buying Companies, Aimteck holds the required skills in media planning and buying. Our continued focus is to  help clients to achieve their advertising goals. For achieving this, our media planners undertake specific market research programme, combined with marketing wisdom in order to persuade target customers.

Also, we strive hard to identify the apt media tools that will work effectively and most profitable  for our clients. This apart, our targeted planning is aimed at garnering the expected response through newspapers, magazines, direct mailers, billboards, cable, radio, television etc.

It is a fact that each brand calls for unique planning and so the promotion medium cannot be uniform. Hence, the digital media buying services at Aimteck will vary in tune with the pattern, medium and innovation. We research deep into the brand’s psyche and shape a unique path through which it can navigate smoothly to find success in their marketing process.

How we proceed with media buying services?

Competition Study – Aimteck closely analyse media activities by the competition and their impact on the client’s brand and market.

Planning Guidelines We fix media objectives that best reflect the category and brand requirements and try to blend it with existing research database.

Media Plans – Aimteck develop focused media strategy for clients as a whole, based on advertising objectives along with cost effective budget

Portfolio Management – In addition, we develop customised media plans in order to fulfil the national and local marketing requirements.

Hyper-focused- Aimteck efficiently help to get client’s message to the right audience, at the apt time and at the right place to deliver the greatest ROI for every dollar spend by clients.