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How to Improve Your Website User Experience

How to Improve Your Website User Experience

Right now is a happy phase of technology for business owners. Entrepreneurs and business owners now a have a tool that’s working for them all the time and across different time zones. Can’t guess which tool we are talking about? Well, it’s your website. Yes, it is working while you sleep and while you are away from your work desk. Hence, it is essential your website mirrors the agenda and lets your audience or clients know that you are on top of your game. While this does seem like a chore to handle on a regular basis a good web development company could serve the purpose. Here are some aspects about your website whose regular maintenance could help you improve your website’s user experience. People should not be deterred while using your website, right?

Website’s Attraction Quotient

Your website should look well maintained. It should be attractive, colorful, to-the- point, accurate and should deliver an aura and appeal to the user. Top three tricks for a more attractive website include bulleted content, well-designed and fonts for headings and subheadings, and making sure the color of the website and the color tones you choose suit the type of website. For instance, a shopping website can have a vibrant colors and images while an information loaded company profile website should have rather somber colors to match the user’s appeal. Research shows that websites with more bulleted content are found to be more attractive than others. A professional website development firm can give correct suggestions for the same.

Website Speed and Page Speed

The website speed is one of the most crucial factors determining how long your audience lasts on the page. Research says that even a 2 second delay in loading a page or a website leads to a bounce rate of 87%. This is a whopping figure to ignore! Take loading time into consideration while undergoing website development. While getting to load your website should be a priority you should also keep single individual page loading time and speed on priority.


While being the website owner it would be your responsibility to make sure that you give your users an absolutely smooth experience in your website through effective and easy navigation. Navigation is another factor that can affect your user’s experience on your website. Hence, make sure that the website developer that you choose for your website’s development contract is a smooth handler of your website.

While these criteria may seems easy to comprehend and implement a professional web development company can get you the optimum of these aspects and balance out the rough edges of improper website. Ultimately, your website will speak a language of its own and lucidity in its language is essential for your users and audience to repeatedly make ways to your website.

For a well performing and immaculately designed website you can get in touch with us at Aimteck for a suave web designing experience, especially to suit the needs of your users.