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Website hosting, domain hosting or web server hosting is the most vital component of any website and online businesses. Once a website is developed, it needs to be uploaded in a hosting server for which the service of the web hosting service provider is imperative so that your site is accessible to everyone across the globe.

The Need for web hosting services

Web hosting is what makes your site visible on the web. The main advantage of accessing web hosting services is that you need not set up a server of your own and maintain it regularly. The service provider will take care of all your needs and offer data transmission through their server. There are varied kinds of web hosting services that are accessible to host your site and that rely on the type of service your website requires i.e. the kind of server your business process requires your budgetary constraints, and the nature of services which the web host service provider offers. Following are the varied types of web hosting services rendered by the web hosting companies:

Free Hosting

Free web hosting is an ideal option when you just want to build a non-critical website for fun. Most often in a free hosting situation, the connectivity is very slow, your site can go down often, and the advertising banners are mechanically get added to your site.

Shared Hosting

With a shared web hosting process, you as well as other owners of the website will be sharing one server. This situation encompasses sharing the physical server and also the software applications available within a server. The shared web hosting services are very cost effective for the reason that the cost involved in operating the server will be shared between you and other website owners.

Dedicated Hosting

In the dedicated server hosting situation, you can have the whole web server for use. This facilitates for quick performance because you have the entire server’s resources with yourself and you need not share the server with other site owners. This is an ideal option for those websites that need several system resources or require an enhanced level of security.

Collocated Hosting

Under this type of web hosting process, you are required to buy your own server and need to install it at the facilities of a web hosting service provider.Also, you are required to hold full responsibility for the server. An added benefit of this form of web hosting service is that you will be having complete control of the web server. In addition, you will be able to install any scripts or any applications you prefer to have.

Our Expertise

At aimteck, we pride ourselves in offering immaculate web hosting services with a rare combination of unmatched reliability, quality, and affordability. Moreover, our high-performance data center employs the sophisticated technologies to offer 300 Gbit/s of external connectivity and optimal reliability for your website hosting. Besides this, enhanced SSL security with an outside firewall facilitates to safeguarded against any attack from outside. To make sure that your precious data safeguarded, aimteck offers a web space recovery for users with Linux hosting. Yet another quality of our efficient services is that our Site Lock accomplishes a monthly scan of all your applications, injection scans aa well as cross site scripting for more than 25 user-defined subpages, This means that any security issues are identified much before the hackers can take advantage of them. With the patronage of our wide clientele, aimteck is proud to offer unparalleled customer service that ensures comprehensive support for your website hosting requirements. Our highly trained technical experts offer 24/7 telephone &email support, enabling you continuous access to our outstanding advice as well as assistance.

Why aimteck?

  • Aimteck web hosting services help clients host their websites on the world-wide web in an easy and hassle free manner.
  • Our e-commerce hosting services are tailored to cater to the unique business needs of varied businesses – be it a single owner proprietorship firm, a small and medium enterprise, or a large global corporation. We hold the required exposure and domain expertise to meet all the distinct web hosting needs of each client.
  • We extend all standard hosting plans that encompass dedicated server hosting, VPS Hosting, Shared hosting, Cloud ServerHosting – Public, Private and Hybrid, and collocation hosting services.
  • All our hosting plans are accessible on both open source platforms like Linux and Microsoft Windows.
  • Using aimteck as a hosting partner, clients also get the freedom to choose from multiple CMS hosting platforms like WordPress, Joomla, Magento, and Drupal.